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“Delightfully daffy… musical numbers with surprise after surprise… And throughout there is humor that is slipped in slyly rather than announced with a pratfall or scream. Real artistry is going on amid the antics.”

Neil Genzlinger, THE NEW YORK TIMES


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"With Glee might be the sleeper hit of the summer. John Gregor’s buoyant musical, which runs through August 22 at the Kirk Theatre, beautifully captures the bond of five wayward teenage boys..."



"Gregor’s book is smart, funny, and filled with irresistible characters you connect with.  His tunes are infectious and distinguishable one from the next with nicely woven harmonies; his lyrics are playful and pithy.  Mr. Gregor is someone to watch."

-Andrew C. McGibbon,

“...a refreshing, unpretentiously smart and endearing little musical”

– Linda Winer, NEWSDAY

“Self-awareness, charm and tremendous wit… a goofy pleasure… The cast is fantastic, with the boys all pitch-perfect.”



“Glimmering…one of the cleanest, clearest, and most innately honest musicals New York has seen in a while.…thoroughly winning.”

– Matthew Murray, TALKIN’ BROADWAY


“Charming… With Glee will make you remember the days when you were trying to figure out your own identity, and have you laughing and reminiscing about your own school days… this show is one that deserves an extended run.”

– Amy E. Witting, NYTHEATRE.COM


John Gregor's winsome musical With Glee, about five highly likable 13-year-old "problem" boys, mostly from wealthy families, who are struggling to fit in at a Maine boarding school, is a charmer from start to finish...Eschewing the current rock-influenced teen-angst trend, Gregor relies on a tried-and-true musical-theatre model, mixing ballads with lively up-tempo numbers.

-Nancy Ellen Shore, BACKSTAGE

NYMF Production 10/3/07


"With Glee is how the audience reacts to this show, whether it’s in admiration for the skill of the performing, the material, or the shared experience of rooting for the underdogs. As the play goes on, you sense more and more of the audience connecting to the kids they once were, the kid we all carry inside us, and cheering for that, too."
-Rob Lester,

NYMF Production 10/7/07

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